Up-lighting, Backdrops and Monograms

What is battery up-lighting?

We specialize in state of the art lithium battery powered lighting. These lights are energy efficient, setup in half the time, offer great flexibility and are completely wireless. They can be used for static colour installations or make the room come alive with DMX light show displays. Coloured lights are placed strategically around your venue and projected upwards from the floor to shine on the wall or ceiling - they create a wonderful glow. Our technicians would be happy to design and discuss the right decorative light display for you - we have expertise with decorative lighting techniques used in corporate, theatrical and wedding applications.

What is a custom monogram?

A custom monogram is a light that projects a design of your choosing with a powerful spotlight. This type of light is perfect to display a couples name/wedding date or a corporate logo. This type of lighting is often used in conjunction with up-lighting for a complete decorative effect. Metal or glass gobos are prefabricated, inserted and projected onto a key wall, dance floor or ceiling. Gobos are available in single metal or multi-coloured glass - highly complex designs may require a glass gobo. Our 650 watt Leeko gobo projection light can be seen under normal room lighting. 

What is an up-light or pipe and drape backdrop?

Please click-through our gallery above. White semi-transparent sheers are attached to a frame and usually placed behind the head-table during a wedding reception. A series of coloured lights shine from behind the sheers illuminating the entire backdrop.

What do I need to consider?

We will setup and design your up-lights - but is your venue right for it? Some venues are more suitable than others, windows can create a conflict with this type of lighting. Do you have enough architectural features in your venue worth highlighting? We are happy to accept floor plans if you have specific placements in mind. Pillars, walls, cakes, head-tables and ceiling can look wonderful under coloured lights. You will also want to consider where electrical plugs are located, minimal use of extension chord is best.

Can the up-lights change colour?

LED up-lights are capable of producing any colour desired in addition to a number of effects - including slow colour transitions. Standard uplights require a colour gel - more shades of colour are available but they are unable to change colour.