We perform a wide range of installation services in commercial and residential buildings.


Great sound is a worthwhile investment. We are experts in audio, wiring and construction. We have the expertise to handle a wide variety audio installations in commercial venues, hotels, lounges, and restaurants - anywhere that needs sound. We use professional audio equipment that is sometimes useful in residential installs. Our audio engineering team will tune your sound system with expert ears and audio processing - we'll ensure it sounds great and does the job it was intended for around your budget. Our engineers create efficient installations with easy to use analog tech or the latest digital systems including QSC touch screen mixers and other wireless tablet based systems. We can help choose a sound system that's appropriate, whether it's a PK Sound system for a hair-raising EDM club or  just clear speech during the game.  Our construction experts can fish wires behind walls, mount speakers safely, remove and replace wall-board, and install AV wall-plates. We often utilize surface mount speakers with 70 V amplification in rack-mount systems by QSC, EV, PK Sound, and JBL.

AV Installations

Whatever it is we probably have the expertise to make your vision a reality. Maybe you want an AV access panel installed in your board room table? Maybe it's more unique and you need wireless speakers and microphones in your barn for horse instruction.  Maybe you need a projector ceiling mounted with a podium hookup? We solve audio visual problems and if we can't do we can probably tell you who does. 

Panasonic ceiling mount projector.jpg


We handle temporary and some types of permanent lighting installations. Want some advertising projected in lights the size of a billboard? How about some water proof LED lights in your fountain? Putting on some sort of show on a regular basis? Need a really neat wireless DMX lighting system setup in your pub? Want to splash your dance floor with a nifty h20 projector from the ceiling? Maybe you'd like promotional lighting installed with a rotating custom logo in lights? Think an external spot-light would highlight your venue? Perhaps you need something more theatrical for a school production? How about a Fresnel lighting system in your photography studio? Our electricians, lighting designers and construction experts are here to help.