We are specialists in full service sound engineering, production and audio recording for musical groups and corporate events. We've got great ears and we use the latest speakers, lighting and digital mixing equipment so you can look and sound your best for a show or presentation. 

Live Sound

Many of our engineers are also musicians with many years of collective professional experience, we are familiar with the some of the unique challenges that face modern performance artists. We understand how great sound can make or break a performance. We can provide small intimate sound for duos in coffee shops or support for more complex concerts. We offer equipment and services such as

  • State of the art digital mixers, wireless mixers and expert audio processing
  • High quality specialized microphones (wireless and wired)
  • Acoustical room tuning and feedback management. Pink noise and measurement microphones. 
  • In ear monitoring
  • Midas pre-amps, tube pre-amps 
  • Select analog equipment
  • Select back-line gear
  • Inventory of professional grade speakers for front of house and stage monitoring, PA systems are carefully selected to suit the room. 
  • Quality professional brands such as QSC, X AIR, Yamaha, Mackie, JBL, Focusrite and Shure 
  • Multi-track audio recording for your show
  • Line array speaker technology

Corporate Audio

Our professional engineers know how to handle audio concerns for a corporate conference, event or presentation.  We'll ensure you get clean audio and control feedback. We offer.

  •  Public address system and professional grade sound reinforcement. Speakers are specifically selected for the room
  • Wireless speakers
  • Audio support for most AV equipment
  • Digital mixers 
  • Acoustic room tuning
  • Wireless microphone farms
  • Audio support for presenters or performers
  • Lecturn podium, lapel and handheld microphones 
  • Audio recording, processing and file delivery

Film Audio

We offer field recording audio engineering services for film productions. We'll mic up your talent and make sure you get quality clean audio. We offer items such as

  • Shotgun on a boom
  • Lav microphones
  • Audio Engineering crew 
  • Multi-track field recording
  • Corporate Videos, TV and Film
  • Quality low noise preamps
  • Post audio engineering and processing
  • Sound design and music services