Need to rent some lights for a photo-wall at your next event? Perhaps you are producing your own product or sales video? Lighting is often the key to a great looking professional results. We offer a range of "always on" warm white halogen based lighting suitable for video and photography production. All of our lighting packages can be modified to suit your needs.

Warm White Portrait Package

Rental package for classic warm lighting

Rental package for classic warm lighting

Our warm-white portrait photography package priced at 135$ for a 1-5 day rental includes.....

  • Two soft white 750 Watt Fresnel Fotospot Lights with shutters with adjustable beam size. Great for lighting faces or portraits up close.
  • Or substitute Leko lights for harder more focused lighting (great for product or pet shots). Great for lighting subjects that are further away.
  • Two lightweight ultra-portable diffusers/reflector discs for soft lighting
  • Dimmer pack and controller, our halogen lights are very bright - this dimmer system affords precise adjustment.
  • All stands and cables for lights, sand bags for extra stand stability, dimmers and discs

If you are lighting faces for video or portraits we recommend using the discs for diffused soft lighting, or bouncing the light off a ceiling or wall. Here are a few great videos that explain lighting concepts in greater detail.

Video lighting video

How to use Diffusers in photography