How much do you charge for installations?

There are many variables when performing AV installations, therefore we typically need to visit the site before providing a quote. Installations are performed by a certified electrician when required.

What format should my slideshow or presentation be? 

Typically we accept files that play in Windows Media player or PowerPoint. We always advise our clients to send the files to us ahead of time so we can check them. Remember to embed any images or sound-files with your PowerPoint presentation. If you intend to use your own laptop please ensure you have a working HDMI or VGA output.  Please be aware that most software (including PowerPoint) is backward compatible not forwards compatible. For example you can't typically use an older version of PowerPoint to open a presentation created on a newer version of PowerPoint.

What do I need to hook into your projector?

We recommend a laptop but potentially any device that plays video may work (depending on the video connection). We can supply a laptop if at your request. We carry common Mac connections, we recommend HDMI but VGA and DVI are generally available. Please enquire to be sure (as some of our projectors have different features).

Can you create dual projections or a live video display in another room?

Yes we are able to provide those services. We now use wireless HD video technology for dual projections (no more tripping on 100 feet of cable). Live video displays are useful in larger venues, awkwardly shaped rooms (L or U) or venues with two small rooms. It’s also possible to run additional audio on a wireless feed when needed. Your technician may need to use an audio delay when speakers are far apart - that way sound will arrives at the listener at the same time.

Can you create a wireless audio feed?

Yes we are able to broadcast audio without wires up to 100 feet. This can be useful in multi-room venues. Walls can shorten working ranges.

Are you able to project onto two screens simultaneously for larger events?

Yes we are able to produce simultaneous projections, however the projectors must be within one hundred feet of each-other.

What am I required to provide?

Generally just a power outlet, however we do sometimes require a covered table (especially if it fits into your décor better than an AV cart). 

Are you able to service outdoor events?

Yes but an additional generator rental and tent may be required. Our equipment must be protected from the elements in order for us to guarantee service. We are able to provide a generator rental or small battery-powered PA system.

Am I responsible for damages to the equipment?

Yes and no, while in our care (during setup, teardown or paid service) we assume all responsibility. However you are responsible for any damages that occur during your event after we leave. You are always responsible for any damage incurred to our equipment by yourself or your guests (normal wear and tear does not apply). 

What speakers do I require for my event?

Generally one pair of our commercial speakers is sufficient for events up to two hundred people. We are able to handle larger events but additional speakers are usually required. Larger rooms and the material in the room (carpet vs. hardwood flooring) are also are a factor - please contact us if you are unsure.

Do you have laser pointers and wireless presentation control?

Yes, we have wireless mouse, mini keyboard, and laser pointer available integrated into one unit for presentations. It’s a small handled device with a range of twenty to thirty feet - it works by plugging in a small USB stick. 

What sets you apart from other AV companies?

Simply put, our service. We like the personal touch, we answer our phone seven days a week - you won't wait on hold with us or fight through automated menus.

What is a custom monogram, up-light or backdrop?

Up-lights are placed on the ground and aimed at a particular object creating a decorative effect. We specialize in the latest battery powered LED uplighting - this type of lighting setups up fast without messy wires. Custom monograms are used for projecting a custom image in lights, typically a company logo or wedding initials. Please see our up-lighitng page for further detail regarding decorative lighting.

Do you supply pipe and drape?

Yes we supply pipe and drape for corporate functions, theatrical events, schools, dance groups, weddings and general events. A number of colours and style of drape are available. Hardware is available 8’ to 12’ high. Pipe and drape looks great with up-lighting.