Go Live!

Want to share your next corporate meeting in real-time with another location? Can’t attend your office party in person but still want to inspire your team? Ready to give your YouTube channel a boost or promote a new product to the world? Live video streaming and conferencing is an exciting new technology and a great tool for businesses and individuals alike.

We can provide all the expertise and camera equipment necessary for webcasting for:

  • AGM meetings, keynote speakers, conferences and seminars

  • Corporate holiday parties

  • Marketing seminars

  • Wedding and ceremonies

  • Musical performances and sporting events

  • HD video conferencing

  • Marketing focus groups

Live production capabilities

Live video content is mixed and streamed live to the internet with a video server, cameras, capture cards and on-site software. Our video streaming team will require a high speed on-site internet connection - preferably hard-line. Our packages can include:

  • Broadcast quality cameras, professional HD webcams, pan/tilt/zoom cameras and wireless camera technology

  • Crisp audio - professional audio mixed down from multiple sources and microphones. We carry a large selection of high-fidelity microphones, digital mixers and pre-amps suitable for videography.

  • Multi-cam - capture your event from a variety of angles and views with multiple cameras and video switching

  • Video technicians - we will be there every step of the way to orchestrate and shape your live video

  • Split screens - display a presenter along with a Power Point presentation and your logo using capture card technology. A wide variety of media sources from cameras and computers can be displayed on your stream.

  • Local file delivery - you’ll receive a copy of your video stream on-site in a file format of your choosing

  • Viewer interactivity tailored to your specific needs

  • Two way video communication where audience interaction can be tailored to your preference.

  • CCTV and video recording - it’s not always necessary to stream your video live to the internet, recorded video allows for more precise post-production. With a marketing focus group you may wish to simply observe and record from another room; in which case we can broadcast wireless HD video up to 100 feet.