Portable Staging

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Staging stairs

4'x8'x2' Staging Blocks

Our staging blocks can be placed together to create various stage configurations for your event - they can be setup to a 1' or 2' height. We recommend stairs for 2' high stage setups. Our staging units are easy and fast to setup - they are perfect for corporate presentations, speeches, performances or head-tables.



Outdoor Mobile Stage

 Our new Stageline 100 is available for rent for any outdoor performance or event, the Stageline 100 offers a quick setup, and multiple deck configurations ranging from band-shell to a full professional-sized stage. This all-aluminium mobile unit features a fully hydraulic set-up. This portable stage offers a total rigging capacity of 6,500 lb (2,948 kg) and strong enough to raise the roof loaded with 3,800 lb (1,725 kg) of sound, lights, banners and sets. The stage can be setup in three different sizes/configurations 24'x12 or 24'x20' or extended 40' x 32.' 


Mobile-stage pre-setup.jpg